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 Our Story

Cody and JT Alexa, the brothers behind Baked by Bros., have a long family history in the culinary industry. It all began with the Plum Tree Inn, a fast food joint that their Grandma and Grandpa Mahin owned and operated back in the early 1970s. Their grandparents' hard work, dedication, and commitment to serving the highest quality food at prices their customers’ could easily afford inspired Cody and JT to continue the family tradition with their own bakery business.


Since childhood, Cody has always had a passion for baking and creating recipes that his family and friends could enjoy, and he aspired to one day own and operate his own bakery. Nearly six years ago, that dream started to become a reality when his brother and Baked by Bros. business partner, JT, decided to adopt the Vegan lifestyle. Cody immediately knew that he needed to find a way to bake Vegan-friendly desserts for his brother without sacrificing the taste. After years of experimentation, Cody created unique recipes to make freshly baked Vegan pastries and desserts that tasted just as scrumptious as his more traditional recipes. It did not take long for the brothers to realize that they had discovered something special they wanted to share with others.


A few months after moving from Illinois to Colorado, the brothers had one goal in provide the highest quality Vegan and Gluten-Free desserts available. The Baked by Bros. brothers agree on many things, but the biggest one is that when you find a job that you’re truly passionate about -- you’re no longer working. You’re doing what you love and loving what you do. And that is exactly how Cody and JT feel about owning and operating Baked by Bros. Thus, operating under the Colorado Cottage Food Act, Baked by Bros. was officially born in Spring 2019.


The brothers are currently working toward increasing the Baked by Bros. brand awareness within the State of Colorado, and they are hoping to be able to ship their desserts across the country in the near future. They will soon be offering a variety of Vegan and Gluten-Free baked goods including breads, muffins, and other treats. Cody and JT are excited to share their delicious and healthier baked goods with everyone, both Vegans and non-Vegans alike.

Meet the Bros.

Meet the Bros.!


Meet Cody Alexa, head pastry chef and co-founder of Baked by Bros. After attending one of the top culinary schools in his home state of Illinois, Cody concocted hundreds of delicious recipes as the lead pastry chef at numerous restaurants and hotels across the country. Throughout his years of experience, Cody has obtained a unique skillset that aligns particularly well for Baked by Bros. baking operations.


One of Cody’s greatest joys in life is seeing how happy his family, friends, and customers are while enjoying his delicious pastries and baked goods, especially when they are left speechless after their first bite. He believes that food is a form of art and expression, and it takes an exceptionally imaginative mind to bake delights that please all of the senses. Cody also thrives on accepting and implementing new challenges, and loves creating treats from scratch in his test kitchen. He is excited to share the Baked by Bros. line of Vegan and Gluten-Free cookies that are both a healthier alternative and taste absolutely amazing.

Baked by Bros. Chef Cody


Baked by Bros. Business Operations JT

Meet JT Alexa, head of operations and co-founder of Baked by Bros. JT has over ten years of leadership and project management experience and has worked in a wide variety of industries including the insurance, financial, and technology sectors. His vast knowledge, skills, and hands-on familiarity with business management has prepared him to lead the Baked by Bros. business operations. JT takes great pride in helping his brother Cody’s creations come to life, ultimately providing the Baked by Bros. customers’ delicious and healthier baked goods without sacrificing the taste.


JT’s goals extend beyond operating a successful Baked by Bros. business – he aims to generate new jobs, assist other local businesses, provide support to family and friends, and give back to local communities. JT has a huge heart, and he’s most passionate about helping others find their happiness in life. He gives it his all in everything he does, whether it’s work related or fun, and he attributes this outlook and passion for life to his parents, and his younger brother and business partner, Cody, for always being supportive and by his side every step of the way.

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