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Our delicious Vegan desserts are proof that you can find healthier alternatives while enjoying the treats you know and love. Throughout several years of experimentation and modifying old family recipes, Baked by Bros. has been able to develop unique recipes from scratch. And although we have the ability to specialize in both Vegan and traditional dessert options, Baked by Bros. chooses to solely bake with plant-based products as they are a significantly healthier alternative than animal-based ingredients. We sincerely hope you taste, see, and feel the Denver Difference!


Providing healthier treats that everyone can eat and enjoy is at the core of our business philosophy. With a great deal of people suffering from gluten related food allergies, Baked by Bros. has created an entire line of delectable gluten-free desserts that offers our customers a gluten-free option with an even better taste, texture, and quality than you could ever imagine. Baked by Bros.’ dedication to create an entire line of delectable gluten-free desserts is extremely important in bringing healthier alternatives to the market. Not sure you’ll love our gluten-free products? Order one and taste the Denver Difference for yourself! 

Organic Ingredients

The Denver Difference can be tasted in each and every delicious homemade bite, baked right here in Colorado! Baked by Bros. take great satisfaction in utilizing the finest organic ingredients in order to provide their customers with the healthiest, freshest, and highest quality options possible. It’s important for the brothers to feel good about every ingredient used in crafting their desserts, and organic ingredients contain significantly less pesticides and preservatives when compared with conventional agricultural products. We hope our customers enjoy every bite and ultimately become more aware of what they are consuming with the Baked by Bros. line of Vegan and Gluten-Free desserts.


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